Your professionalism, creativity and sheer hard work were matched by your sense of fun, intuitiveness and a deep sharing of our values at a very personal level.Gary Lubner, CEO, Belron International Ltd
(After Belron World Conference, Cape Town)


Event:  The New Reality Launch of a new pilot training simulator
Client:  Thales Civil Simulation

Host:     Nick Ross  

Brief:  To introduce their customers and the aviation press to their new site at Gatwick, reveal their new building "Sapphire" and launch their new simulator Forecast "Seven"

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Event:  Annual Campaign Dinner 
Client:  Jewish Care

Host:     David Prever

Brief:  To develop and run their larges fundraising event for the year at the Grosvenor House Hotel for a 1000 guests, celebrating 50 years of Jewish Care..

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Event: World Conference - Cape Town 
Client: Belron International Ltd

Brief:  To deliver their fifth World Conference in Cape Town for 200 of their senior leadership and executive teams from around the world.   Their vision "to exceed expectations".

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Event:  Thomson Extel Awards
Client:  Thomson Financial

Host:     Michael Grade 

Brief:  Produce and Direct their Awards For Excellence ceremony held at the Guildhall, London.  

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Event:  Live Public Debate
Client:  Food Standards Agency

Host:    Jeremy Paxman

Brief:  Produce, direct & film a live public debate discussing the promotion of foods to children.  A public event with simultaneous live webcast. Then edited and uploaded to the FSA website.

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Event:  Rebranding of NewDERA to Qinetiq
Client:  QinetiQ

Brief:  Develop and Produce a 2 day conference and team building event for the senior management to reveal the new branding to their senior scientists.

Host:    Nick Ross

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Event: Top Managers Conference

Client: AOL Europe

Brief: To devise the theme and run a stimulating conference for AOL Europe's top management demonstrating passion, enthusiasm and to highlight customer loyalty.

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Event:  Annual Campaign Dinner 
Client:  Jewish Care

Hosts:  Gaby Roslin & Lesley Joseph

Brief:  To deliver this key event in Jewish Care’s calendar.  It is their largest event and generates the most income with nearly 1,000 donors attending.

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What seemed a daunting and worrying undertaking was made an enjoyable and positive task by the complete production expertise of everyone involved from Blue ThreadMark Dransfield, Marketing Director, Civil Thales Simulation