Drawing together material for the website and looking back over 17 years of production means re-visiting some of our really good ideas and coming across the odd one that didn't work so well.

  1. David & Goliath for Allied Telesyn was a good idea.
  2. Gaby Roslin & Lesley Joseph's opening joke of a Jewish Care dinner went down well
  3. Pretending to drop a 1 tonne weight on the presenter of a Thales event was great.

The image that you can see at the top left of every page of this website is the model of the design for a set for the musical  'Jolson' at the Grosvenor House Hotel. The show was got in and rehearsed in 18 hours. The show featured Brian Conley and the entire company as well as an 18 piece orchestra.

AuthorDavid Coleman