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Nightingale Hammerson 

Title: Nightingale Hammerson 2014
Client: Nightingale Hammerson

Brief:  To make an emotional fund raising video which brings the two homes together, tells their history and shows how they care for their clients.

What this video needed to over come was that history can often come across as being just facts, with no personality and by its nature boring.  Nightingale House had been a residential care home for 150 years and was almalgating with its sister home Hammerson House.  Our video needed to tell their histories in an engaging, emotional and uplifting way.

We engaged the help of young school children to take us through the history and bring us up to date in both an informative and humorous way.  Having been given the facts they told the story in their own words.

We were able to show how Nightingale Hammerson care for their clients by following two clients, one from each home, in their daily life.  Taking the viewer on an intimate, personal journey of their lives and families.

The video was premiered at Nightingale Hammerson's Biennual dinner at The Guildhall, hosted by Matt Lucas.  It has been shown to numerous organisations and donors and is on the Nightingale Hammerson website.

"It was a pleasure to have you with us.  Sometimes filming can be intrusive and disruptive but you all managed to do it with such good humour and professionalism it added interest and excitement to our day.  We would love you to come back when the film is finished for a screening"

 - Christina Rowlands, Activities Co-ordinator, Nightingale Hammerson