QinetiQ  (formerly New Dera)

Event: Launching the rebranding QinetiQ name and logo the top science team

Client: QinetiQ (New Dera)

Brief: Develop and produce a 2 day conference at a surprise location to launch the company rebranding to the senior science management team.  Provide entertainment in the evening.


Key Deliverables

  • Devise interactive, stimulating rebranding 2-day launch event.
  • To be delivered at a surprise location that had meaning and interest
  • Stimulate debate and discussion with the senior management and audience of scientists
  • Help write and produce strong messaging and deliver it in an intelligent and interesting way

What was needed from us

  • Recommend and book a facilitator for the panel and debate.  Someone with gravitas
  • Run the event and provide video content.
  • Provide breakout team-building events. Pictured here is a large scale drumming team building afternoon