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Strong Editorial Advice   -    Low-Cost    -   Quick-Turnaround  

Up to the minute short, messaging videos for your Website, YouTube, Email, Social Media and Blogs



To give you an idea about costs, we have put together some OPTIONS.  

OPTION 1 - Moderate length messaging or informative films

OPTION 2 - Short messaging films for your website, social media, youtube and blogs

OPTION 3  - Interactive virtual tour videos

We listen to you and then together we can work out how to produce an innovative,  informative solution.

We love a YARN. 

JC Dudley 

2 days planning & scripting - 1 day filming - 1 day editing

JC Dudley wanted a short, light-hearted film to put on their website.  They have a large and varied product list and 3 generations of experience as food importers.  They commissioned us to convey this in a slightly quirky, fun and informative video.

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IBB Solicitors

2 days media training & advice on content -  7 days filming with up to 5 sessions per day - 14 days editing 

IBB commissioned us to produce 30 short videos across all their departments to introduce some of their expert solicitors to win new business.  Included in our brief was performance training and advice on content.  We filmed up to 5 sessions a day with 2 days editing for each filming day 

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1 day content & editorial advice - 1 hr filming - 5 hrs editing  

A few years ago Blue Thread was asked to make a quick turnaround video to introduce the then new CEO of AXA, Peter Hubbard (now Group Chief Executive of UK General), to coincide with the announcement to the press of his appointment, which was happening 48 hours later. 

Peter had 30 minutes available the following morning for filming.  We arranged and booked the filming requirements, helped produce the content and provided editorial advice for Peter's piece.  The next day we went to the AXA offices in central London, and the video was filmed and edited on site in 5 hours.  The whole project was planned and delivered in less than 48 hours. 

Yarn Media - Low Cost, High Frequency

YARN MEDIA is perfect for your website to encourage new business, inform existing clients of changing services  or just to help keep your website fresh for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

The costs are low enough to allow regular new additions for your website or social media.

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